Monday, 28 February 2011

wow, what a comeback

"i like you just the way you are, drunk and shit dancing at the bar i like it, can't wait to get you home so i can do some damage". WOW.

the heart of me

watched this film last night. helena bonham-carter is amazing and everybody's wardrobe is fantastic. catch it while its still on bbc iplayer!

Sunday, 27 February 2011

hey sports fans

let's talk about rugby, no? well i am going to. so we have players like this beast of guy;

(for my overseas and non-rugby follower readers, this is mike tindall, whose girlfriend is one of our PRINCESSES)
and france get this absolute adonis of a man!

alexis palisson is too pretty to play rugby! france may have the looks but we beat them anyway.

DISCLAIMER: don't worry sports will not become a regular feature of this blog, in fact it probably won't ever feature again.

cross cottons

remember i talked about these guys before?

well they've just released their new batch of designs (including the picture above), check them out here. they've got loads in stock at the mo so get them while you can!

blackberry barf

a week in the life of me

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

we're inside a robot's vagina

You And Me - Penny And The Quarters by dipdip

i love the story behind this song. if you haven't seen blue valentine then go now (or orange wednesday tomorrow) if only to see how sexy yet adorable ryan gosling is (i know he's a bit of an arsehole too but phwoar).

happy belated valentine's day!

didn't get a chance to post yesterday as i was having SUCH FUN. this was my valentine, the beautiful vanessa.

olive you!

Monday, 7 February 2011

i wanna be in their gang

those dancing days have their second album coming out march 7th. great swedish pop. when i saw them at my university s.u. when i was in first year i fell in love. just look at all their pretty faces and they each have their individual style. delightful.

luke goose this one's for you

after watching julie and julia the other day and with valentine's day coming up, can we please make badges like this please?

oh and while we're at it i would love to have my hair this colour and the skills to achieve that top knot.

via shopbando

Thursday, 3 February 2011