Friday, 29 January 2010


watch the entire thing and learn more about it here.

gold digger

the blogosphere has been going crazy this week over what kanye and his gf amber rose have been wearing at paris fashion week, and with reason too - shit is unreal. i'd just like to bring attention to mr wizzle's bling (am i the only person in the world still using that word? i think so)

i'm diggin' that.

and you've just had some kind of mushroom and your mind is moving slow go ask alice i think she'll know

my sister lucy has really gotten me into wearing lipstick (even though she just LURVES gloss!). i'm a growed up lady now and thought i should get into it, although i'm still not ready for red (i look like a spanish floozy)i'm easing my self into it with nudes/peaches/frosty pinks. i've just seen these lipsticks, part of the paul and joe alice in wonderland collection and these colours are PERFECT.

massive want. also the alice in wonderland packaging allows one to still feel slightly childish in their womanly lipstick ways.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

taylor momsen for new look spring 2010 ad campaign

whilst i'm on the subject of bling

a bitch could really use these too,

from thomas sabo.

in love with pamela love

plus, she seems really awesome. i want her to be my new bff.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

last one today i promise

some trainers i could get along with. by gianni barbato.

putting the 'fit' in 'urban outfitters' part II

i wish i was loaded and could just live in all of it. huff.

i'm looking for a man like josh radnor

so if you know anyone, hook a girl up.

Monday, 25 January 2010

just a stream of consciousness.

even with essays aside i've been pretty rubbish at blogging. thursday was my good friend sarah's birthday and i drank most of a bottle of white wine before going out for cocktails. convinced i resemble carrie bradshaw sipping my cosmo i decided i only ever want to drink out of cocktail glasses for the rest of my life and stole not one but two, very impressive if you saw the size of my handbag. we then went back to mine and danced to all sorts of hip hop and rnb and drank more wine.

friday i was very VERY ill. still not sure if it was a hangover or not. either way, it was the worst i've ever felt. i threw up a lot. in fact anything i tried to eat or drink (including water) came back up within minutes of consumption. graphic huh?

saturday the lovely rose and mima came round and we had tea in my bed. in the evening i went for a couple of pints in central with a good friend from home and we got quite smashed. really really great times.

sunday i ILLEGALLY watched sherlock holmes. it was good. definitely set it up for a sequel too, excellent.

today i went to golders green and only realised on the tube there i was using my shopping bag emblazoned with "i've been to the FANTASTIC SAUSAGE FACTORY". whilst normally it is amusing i felt in a predominantly jewish area of north london it was particularly insensitive. i spent the whole time trying to cover it up, scared somebody might spit on me. anyway, here's the blazer i bought for £6

it looks like its part of a school uniform with its burgundy and black strips on grey but they gold pin stripes going through it assure me its not. then i popped to oxford street to pick up my housemate a birthday present and couldn't leave without picking up a top in zara sale. bik bok at the moment is so good! i wanted so much from there but managed to resist. they have crushed velvet black leggings for £12.99!

oh and i forgot to mention, i booked a trip to amsterdam for february. excited!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

new cross, concrete jungle where dreams are made of

this week i've already completed a 3000 word essay and i'm currently on 776 of a 1500 word source analysis (history students are cool) so naturally i'm blogging.

thursday night we went to off modern at corsica studios, i didn't drink and it was completely rammed to a ridiculous extent, some health and safety codes were definitely being violated and i went home early. still, i had a good time.

if you were in the south east london area on friday night then you might have been aware, or if you are a member of the metropolitan police force within the south east london area then you definitely would have been aware about a certain house party that went on. it will a night that will go down in goldsmiths history as i'm pretty sure most of their current alumni were in attendence. there was a lot of drink, a hell of a lot of mephedrone, the most amount of police i've ever seen, an incredible set from beaty heart and a very good night had by all. 8 musgrove road, we salute you.

photos pinched from various people.

yep that's me at the back stood on a sofa clapping my hands like i just don't care.

i'm also pretty sure i met the man of my dreams that night too. oh well.

which brings me to monday night and we all went to bite at the den for zoe's birthday. now i've talked about bite before and i was a big fan but monday was so bad, it is now dead to me and i never want to go again. the new venue is shit and the music was awful. very very disappointing. any good suggestions for a new club night to go to on a monday with cheap drinks?

Monday, 18 January 2010

Friday, 15 January 2010

leighton meester 'love is a drug' promo shots


messenger pigeon

i would like to draw your attention to my friend alice's blog, because it is brilliant. once you click the link i'm sure you'll agree.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

burberry trench coat for colette

me gusto much.


Wednesday, 13 January 2010

new meaning to book bag

looks like a book but it's actually a clutch bag! designed by olympia le-tan and available at browns. i don't think i would actually use one but i'm loving the novelty of it.

Monday, 11 January 2010

back to se14 via nw1

yesterday, despite the adverse weather conditions of late, i returned to my second home that is the south east london gem of new cross. my dad suggested that whilst he was in london we took a trip to camden market as it had been years since he'd been there. i, myself, hadn't been there for almost a year. fed up of the all the cyber goth and general greebiness of camden market, and to be honest, camden itself, i can't say i'd been bothered to go much. admittedly last time i did go there had been a rise in the amount of vintage stalls and shops that had lots of good stock, but it was way overpriced for what is essentially peoples' old stuff. after our trip yesterday, my view has changed and there are actually general good deals to be had for "cool" stuff. i picked up this t-shirt, which is probably my new favourite, its so soft and comfy and not bad for £12.50 i don't think.

i want to go back there and buy all of their designs now. i also got a vintage snakeskin-esque black blazer for a tenner and some vintage knee high black leather boots with a silver buckle detail on the back, also a tenner.

wrapped up

for those who know me, they know how much i enjoy a good scarf. this one is amazing;

folds out to looks like this!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Friday, 8 January 2010

givenchy s/s 2010 ad campaign

finally got film developed

house party, new cross.

another house party, new cross.

453 bus journey to bite when it was still at punk

house party, new cross

first club sandwich of our 2nd year

me and harriet, the night we hung out with those irish guys from 'wounds'