Monday, 30 November 2009

if i make me, i won't be papier mache

it's way too cold to go outside. i haven't been out since friday and i've been living off baked potatos, soup and tea. on the up i've finally started watching andrew marr's the making of modern britain, if you haven't seen it then make some time for some bbc iplayer action.

Sunday, 29 November 2009


yesterday i watched 'brick', i'm still in my joseph gordon levitt phase.
the film was alright, it was a bit weird so maybe i just didn't get it?
anyway, in the last scene i love what this girl is wearing.

in totally unrelated news, i'm tempted to watch all episodes of boy meets world.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Friday, 27 November 2009

kissmas list

'cause you've gotta have a brand new dress to unwrap and wear christmas day right?

Thursday, 26 November 2009

goings on, gaga and gossip girl

i'm trying to distract myself from the fact i think there's someone in the house. don't worry, there probably isn't really but within minutes of being left home alone my imagination goes into overtime and i convince myself someone is. i'm being punished for not doing my work in enough time and having to stay in tonight, i didn't wanna go to a squat party in an abandoned strip club in mayfair anyway..pshh..

tuesday night we went to white heat. well that's a lie. we went to a history lecture where there was free wine and got drunk and decided to go to white heat. i don't remember what the music was like and i don't remember seeing anybody who wasn't us but it was fun and i got a free bus journey home after nic demanded the bus driver let me on despite me having no money on my oyster. theo knew i was drunk when i got in, he heard me hiccup all the way up the stairs.

yesterday i found a website that let's me watch season three of gossip girl without giving me a stupid time limit like megavideo (72 minutes isn't enough time damnit) so that was my evening gone. the threesome should have been way hotter. what is dan doing with hilary fat arms duff?! vanessa, you may have a hot body but you've got a blokes face. chuck is now my favourite boy, it was for a long time a tie between dan and chuck but season three has seen chuck come out top. macaroons and single malts, he's the perfect gent. and serena 'slagbag' van der woodsen, she likes tripp but ohh now nate's gonna try it and she SO was gonna but then oh no tripp's wife's a conniving bitch so he shows up and she's all his again. i still love serena even if she is easy as american pie, she's such a babe. blair's wardrobe this season is a little disappointing but its getting better. loved the appearance from lady gaga. oh and jenny humphrey, i could scratch that bitch's eyes out.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

i'm sure persia wouldn't mind,

33 followers, wow cheers guys! that didn't mean to sound sarcastic, i'm genuinely really flattered.

although i feel bad as i don't really have much to write right now. in massive essay avoidance, i got drunk by accident last night and ended up going out, not getting in til 4 then not letting myself get out of bed til at least twelve as i was adamant i need my 8 hours, watching stuff on bbciplayer, painting my nails and eating cold pizza. what a fabulous life i lead. naaaat.

i can't wait to christmas. i'm forcing myself not to just look online for christmas presents instead of doing this essay. right- work. starts. now. well i need to fetch myself a coffee first..

Thursday, 19 November 2009

love in the nineties

so last night goldsmiths institution club sandwich was given a twist with a nineties theme and although i hate club nights like school discos and other such events that encourage sluts to dress up like sluts and be annoying sluts this was a theme i could get onboard with. i wasn't intentionally dressed nineties but got in for free as the woman on the door exclaimed my shoes were "hideously nineties".

admittedy they are genuine nineties ravel tie-dye denim wedges so its good that didn't go unnoticed, plus they are horrifically crippling so i assume not having to pay for entry is my compensation and my compensation went on whiskey.

this isn't very interesting.

so i think its about time to tell those who i haven't already told about the events of tuesday night involving our little unwelcome rodent. since it first showed up last month there have been a few more sightings in the kitchen but since reading week (when ben came back to find his bed full of mouse poo, nice) its been rearing its little head in the bedrooms too, nowhere is sacred to mr. mouse.

so tuesday night i was sat on my bed on facebook playing bejewled blitz most probably when i hear ben shout to josh that the mouse is in his room. so i ran upstairs to check it out, i've yet to see the mouse and naturally i want to know what the enemy looks like. at this point it was hiding behind ben's shelves so josh lifts the shelves and away and it makes a dash for under the bed, as it does ben jumps on the bed in fright the quickest i've ever see a man move. my laughter at how much of a scaredy cat ben is attracts theo and ed up and its not long before rob appears too, baseball bat i hand.

so there's 6 of us in this tiny room and the mouse is hiding under the bed with no escape. i leave the room, i'm not contributing anything to the hunt and don't particularly want a mouse near me so wait outside. i don't know exactly what's going on in the room but the next thing i know theo opens the door (i'm not sure why) but the mouse swiftly follows, running over his foot. its coming towards me so i start running down the stairs BUT THE MOUSE IS FOLLOWING ME. at some point he climbs up my leg and i flail sending him flying down the stairs and then i stopped to see where he's headed. even though my rooms closer he goes for rob's, struggling to get under the door he pauses for a moment, LOOKS AT MY ROOM, so i run and slam my door and then it scuttles off under rob's door.

shouting that its gone under rob's door, rob charges down the stairs, still with baseball bat in hand and kicks his door open drugs raid style. him and the others search his entire room but by this time its disappeared down one of its holes. thankfully i don't have any holes in my room so if, god forbid, he does pop up in my room then its through the door. i wish we had a cat.

Monday, 16 November 2009

i want crushed velvet leggings so much.

i hope somewhere in deptford does a rip off version.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

friday night

i know i'm like stfu alexa

this weekend;
party at the spice girls' house in brockley friday night which was awesome despite the abrupt end brought on by some randomer punching 2 holes in the toilet. wankers. fireworks, dancing around with masks on to classical radio and trying to get gabriel to fight me are what good nights out are made of.

massive essay avoidance has been in place yesterday and today. now i am addicted to bejewled blitz and had a nice chat with phoebe where, on hearing i was single said "that's so unlike you, normally you're getting someone or trying to bat someone away 'cause they're crazy" and then preceeded to try and find dates for me within the classifieds on gumtree. fml.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

oh zac have a film out soon.

i know everyone's been whingeing about this so this is all i'm going to say;

why living in new cross is the best

1) pretty much every shop does 2 for £5 on wine.

2) rude boys come all the way from camden to come to our parties.

3) walking home at 4:30 a.m you will probably bump into somebody you know.

Friday, 13 November 2009

rain rain go away

sorry i don't have much to say right now.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

for my little sister

happy birthday to you.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

happy place

i'm in a really bad mood right now and i have a feeling today is only going to get worse. i want a starbucks red cup of something and a cuddle.

Monday, 9 November 2009

hedi slimane

i hate lookbook!

it makes me want to snuggle up in the warm with 16 year old boys from russia! i feel so wrong. is this to replace the guilt i had about fancying nick jonas? (now he's 17 i don't feel that bad).

Sunday, 8 November 2009

i was sceptical, sounded cheesy but its actually amazing.

cardigan - £19.99

studded leggings - £15.99

sequin AND floral leggings - £23.99

there are so many nice dresses, i can't post all the ones i like so here's a few;

only £16.99!

this isn't that cheap at £30.99 but look at that diamante skull shoulder detail, that's totally sick.

only £22.99!

patent thigh highs for under £35!

having one of those days where you could just drink tea all day

i'm fed up of writing this essay. on the up though, blackheath fireworks were a treat and the mulled wine after at the royal albert was just what i wanted.


i watched this weeks episode of never mind the buzzcocks on bbc iplayer earlier - totally loved jamelia's outfit. sorry about the quality, it was a print screen job.

i like jamelia but i absolutely love claudia winkleman - also dressed very nicely in a little nautical number.