Sunday, 15 November 2009

i know i'm like stfu alexa

this weekend;
party at the spice girls' house in brockley friday night which was awesome despite the abrupt end brought on by some randomer punching 2 holes in the toilet. wankers. fireworks, dancing around with masks on to classical radio and trying to get gabriel to fight me are what good nights out are made of.

massive essay avoidance has been in place yesterday and today. now i am addicted to bejewled blitz and had a nice chat with phoebe where, on hearing i was single said "that's so unlike you, normally you're getting someone or trying to bat someone away 'cause they're crazy" and then preceeded to try and find dates for me within the classifieds on gumtree. fml.


  1. that sounds like a great night. but how does one go about punching holes in toilets? sounds painful.

  2. haha oh i should have specified it was the toilet wall!