Monday, 31 August 2009


i like how shennae grimes is using the same handbag in all these photos, its like she's a real person.

i will never love you more than kisses all day, i will never love you more than cuddles all night.

oh soko so perfect.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

thrill of the chace

never saw the appeal of chace crawford (nate from gossip girl) 'til i saw this.

chuck and dan are still waaay better though, obvs.

where the wild things are

leopard print is another one of those things i have a love/ hate relationship with. i love the glam rock connations that's associated with it. on the other hand i hate how its hard to pull off without looking like an emo or a goth and without it just looking plain tacky. i don't think i own anything leopard print but maybe one day soon.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

tattooed love boy

i don't care what you say, anthony kiedis is hot. i still would.

i don't think i'll ever love any man as much as i love brandon boyd. its been 7 years now and my heart still belongs to him.

tattoos can make someone so hot, as long as their not shit.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Monday, 24 August 2009

indie couples

so last night i was chatting to rob about perfect celebrity couples of the indie variety. he came up with avey tare (of animal collective fame) and kria brekkan (former frontwoman of múm).

awwww. (but they do kinda look like they could be brother and sister. hmm)

then i came up with zooey deschanel and her husband ben gibbard (from death cab duh).

all bastards with their perfect lives but we can't actually hate them 'cause we love them too much. but then again its fine because i'm going to marry zach from beirut and rob's gonna marry that girl from high places.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

hey scenesters

i don't normally blog about my friends' bands because normally i don't think they're blog worthy, sorry guys. so dan and james should be super appreciative that their band, fiction, are gonna get publicity on here. basically they're really good and a pretty decent looking bunch of guys. check them out on their myspace. 'curiosity' is seriously catchy. i told rob to listen to them and he ignored me, also prescribing to the 'usually my friend's bands suck' mindset that i have. only to a couple of days later come back and tell me he actually really liked it. they're a real good treat live as well, if you're going to offset festival then they're playing the main stage on the 6th of september. get involved. i've just been on their myspace to find a photo of them and found this, dan looks like spock minus the vulcan ears.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

fuck yeh knitting

maybe its the w.i. in me.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

these boots were made for walking pt 2

3 days after i posted that blog about wanting those tan suede wedge boots they appeared on dirtylittlestylewhore. that must mean i'm cool, surely? anyway i could also settle for these hot mamas

Monday, 17 August 2009

tied together with rope and twine, stuck together with paste and glue

as much as i love living in london and as much as reading will always be my home, sometimes i really wish i lived in the countryside with a huge garden and a tree house. i never had a tree house when i was a kid, even if we did i'd probably have been too much of a pathetic scaredy cat to go up to it; and in reality i'd probably hate all the creepy crawlies that would inevitably inhabit it. but seriously, check out these bad boys

i'd love to just grab a book and the cafetiére and sit up there reading. i'd take jasmine the cat too for company, she'd love it. charlie once told me that our friend duncan's brother's job is to build tree houses. that must be one of the best jobs in the world.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

i'm such a girl

literally couldn't feel this more right now.

we're living in a den of theives.

today i have mostly been unhappy and alone, which is a shame because it was very nice and sunny. i didn't get in from work til almost 4 am last night, my mum was worried about me walking from work to the car park at that time and waited up for me and gave me a hug when i got in which was sweet i guess.

then this morning was so depressing. my mum came and woke me up telling me that her, my dad and my sister were going to this out of town designer outlet place that i'd never been to and i really wanted to go to, especially as my dad was going and he always treats us when we go shopping. anyway i was too tired and my feet hurt too much i just couldn't get up. the worst part was i'd somehow slipped back into sleep and dreamt that i'd agreed to go, got up and got myself ready. then i was woken up by them leaving and realised it was all a dream and i was all alone and disappointed with my lack of willpower to get up. so in the end i spent the day in the sun in the garden reading 'the bell jar' when my cat, trevor, wasn't trying to rub his face against the corners of it. sounds nice but i was lonely and felt like i'd missed out.

anyway, all i want to do right now is build a den and sit in there with my friends and drink wine and eat sweeties and laugh. when i was sitting in the garden today i really began to miss being at uni and hanging out with my friends there. i remember this one time sarah and i think american jess had built a huge den in their kitchen and we hung out in there and it was literally one of the best things ever.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

i don't need a new ipod but

these are amazing!

i don't care if you've all already seen these. reminds me of how bryony used to not be able to eat pink wafers or pink custard 'cause she was allergic to the food colouring.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

these boots were made for walking

i've thought it through and i think these boots are what's missing from my wardrobe/ life. a controversial choice you might say, i know everyone's into high heeled black studded ankle boots right now but if you know me you know that's not really my style, so i choose these comfy wedges in versatile tan.

oh the life i lead

so yeah the monotony of my life continues. monday was my first paid shift at pav's. incase you're not familiar with this reading (that's reading the place, not the verb) institution then basically EVERYONE goes to pav's on a monday because its pound a pint. luckily it seemed a fair amount of people couldn't even afford that or had given up on the one-in-one-out system that ends up in operation, so it wasn't as busy as it has been. even so, it took us two hours to clear up and i didn't make it out of there until 2 am. i couldn't even take advantage of the free pint i was offered at the end of my shift because i was driving. as i was leaving i was greeted by my friend dan who was horrendously drunk and stumbling all over the place. i couldn't leave him like that so i generously gave him a lift home, which was eventful but i won't go into detail. i finally got home at 3 and slept very well.

tuesday the highlight of my day was getting my haircut, i now look like a character from an enid blyton novel. see:

i was also introduced to this website, which is pure brilliance.

today i hung out with harriet. we had tea and talked about boys. she's moving to bristol in the hope to make it big. booo. later on i watched muppets in space with my sister then something hilarious/so gross happened. my cat started heaving, it was too far to chase her outside so i grabbed a bin and held it to her face, then she preceeded to throw up into the bucket.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

i wish i'd had friends around to do this with today

new york, new york

i really really want to go. its the only city in the world i think might be cooler than london.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

19 going on 30

this weekend i've felt like a real grown up person. after my job interview on tuesday that i showed up to very hungover and wearing a 50p t-shirt with sea shells on i managed to get myself a trial shift for friday night (it probably helped that the woman interviewing me was wearing a kermit the frog t-shirt). so friday night i had my trail shift at a scream pub in reading. it went well and now i have a job so i'll be making money for when i go back to university. it also means, however, that i've pretty much signed away all my monday, friday and saturday nights (the only decent nights to go out in reading)left this summer. after that, i didn't stay out and party, i didn't even have a drink, i drove home and collapsed in bed. i can't actually foresee myself getting drunk at all before i move back to london next month.

saturday, i went to one of my best friend's wedding. bryony and adam finally did it, they got married (5 years in the making). something me and katie kept repeating to one another throughout the day. it was a lovely day and the weather couldn't have been nicer. the highlight of the ceremony for me was when one of adam's elderly relatives stood up and read a poem called 'us two' by a.a. milne - nothing funnier than an old woman stood infront of a room full of people reciting "wherever i am there's always poo(h)".

which brings us to sunday. thank you to everyone who came down to the sue ryder vintage sale at the oakford today, we made just over £100. after that i had my training at pav's which mainly consisted of sitting in the sun in the beer garden. just popped home for enough time to have a cup of tea and some soup then i was back out again. went and saw dry the river (formely the godwits) who were so good. seriously check 'em out on myspace. then i was a lovely person who dropped jozef and his missus home as well as picking up my big brother from his giggy wiggy. aww.

which brings us to now, i'm sitting in bed about to go to sleep until i have to work 7 til closing time at pound a pint tomorrow night. fml.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

cosmic love

i have a love/ hate relationship with lookbook. on the one hand i like being nosey so it gives me the opportunity to see what other people are wearing and sure there's some nice outfits and photos on there to look at. but then on the other hand i hate everyone on there, how arrogant must you be to be like "you know what i'm so hot and my clothes are so cool i'm gonna take pictures of myself and put them on a website so people will see me and be jealous". twats.
anyway, this girl's skirt is awesome. if i owned it i'd probably take photos of it to show off to everyone else. i also like how happy she is, look how much joy that wonderful skirt is bringing her. bless.

who doesn't?

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

many drinks, a couple of parks and one very angry war veteran

i was going to write this blog yesterday but no amount of coco pops or gossip girl could make me muster up the attention span to do it. so here goes.

monday i was always going to be in london as i was going to sarah's band, stars of sunday league's, e.p. launch in kilburn with ollie. so when ollie asked if i wanted to hang out in the afternoon beforehand it was the perfect opportunity for me to go to the museum of childhood in bethnal green that that teacher had told me about on my journey home from field day. i also knew that ollie wouldn't say no to the chance of being able to play with some lego. so we went there and it was awesome. there's a roald dahl and quentin blake exhibition going on there at the moment called "snozzcumbers and frobscottle" which i really wanted to go see and its so good. if like me you loved roald dahl as a kid its a must see, its running until the 6th of september and its all free.

after that me and ollie wanted to get drunk. there isn't a link between us wanting to get drunk and the museum by the way but we had a couple of hours to kill and that's all we could come up with to do. the weather was nice so we headed to regents park with a stop off at a trusty tesco express to pick up some cheap booze. ended up spending aaages there, i blame the sun. it didn't go down til really late and it fooled us into thinking it was a lot earlier than it actually was. well that was our excuse for showing up really late to the e.p launch there was no excuse for how drunk we were. we weren't there long but me and ollie both managed to embarass ourselves infront of jeremy warmsley. personally, i think he loved it.

after another stop off at an off licence for more alcohol and an argument with a very deluded war veteran almost erupting into a fight we ended up on a bridge in buckingham palace gardens. i think me and ollie were a lot drunker than everybody else and finding ourselves way too funny. i definitely found drawing penises on the queen's property way too amusing. it began to rain and so we all headed back to new cross. on the bus i found myself scowling at these two polish men who kept staring at my boobs and strangely enough, zoe's knees (i'm not saying zoe doesn't have exquisite knees but its strange to stare at them non?). not wanting the party to end me, ollie and zoe ended up at doug's. by this time my memory is very hazey and i don't remember much except it getting to 5 in the morning and doug insisting that me and ollie couldn't take the plastic off of the new mattress and so having to sleep sliding about on that. all in all, a very good day.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

wes anderson + roald dahl = amazing

so that's where i was yesterday. it was a good day, got to see lots of people i hadn't seen in ages and some cool bands. the highlight probably being erol alkan. such a party going on everyone forgot about the fact it was absolutely pissing it down outside. the horrors weren't bad either. charlie lewis you literally ARE faris badwan, which is definitely not a bad thing. it was a very soggy day, we even saw faris wandering around in one of those see-through plastic ponchos that are only acceptable at festivals and on water rides. unfortunately i didn't feel that well and left before headliners mogwai played. i left by myself and made my way to the tube station. on the way there i met a tramp, it wasn't so much as met as was accosted by a tramp, who asked me to be his girlfriend. also met a lovely lady who was probably in her early 40s who i chatted to on the tube. she told me she was a teacher but also an aspiring singer and told me all about the museum of childhood in bethnal and how it was the 'best museum in london'. so that's where i'm going to go tomorrow. anyway, finally made it back to paddington with a new hatred for the circle line (why is it so slow and have to stop for so long at every station?). had a half an hour wait for my train to leave so because i felt poorly thought i'd treat myself to a hot chocolate. the nice man at costa gave me free whipped cream and a chocolate stick because, and these are his words not mine, on a saturday night i should be at a party drinking champagne. its nice that a man who works at costa and had only known me for 30 seconds should know this about me, what a great judge of character he must be.

i'll put some pictures up from this when i get them developed/find some good ones.