Sunday, 9 August 2009

19 going on 30

this weekend i've felt like a real grown up person. after my job interview on tuesday that i showed up to very hungover and wearing a 50p t-shirt with sea shells on i managed to get myself a trial shift for friday night (it probably helped that the woman interviewing me was wearing a kermit the frog t-shirt). so friday night i had my trail shift at a scream pub in reading. it went well and now i have a job so i'll be making money for when i go back to university. it also means, however, that i've pretty much signed away all my monday, friday and saturday nights (the only decent nights to go out in reading)left this summer. after that, i didn't stay out and party, i didn't even have a drink, i drove home and collapsed in bed. i can't actually foresee myself getting drunk at all before i move back to london next month.

saturday, i went to one of my best friend's wedding. bryony and adam finally did it, they got married (5 years in the making). something me and katie kept repeating to one another throughout the day. it was a lovely day and the weather couldn't have been nicer. the highlight of the ceremony for me was when one of adam's elderly relatives stood up and read a poem called 'us two' by a.a. milne - nothing funnier than an old woman stood infront of a room full of people reciting "wherever i am there's always poo(h)".

which brings us to sunday. thank you to everyone who came down to the sue ryder vintage sale at the oakford today, we made just over £100. after that i had my training at pav's which mainly consisted of sitting in the sun in the beer garden. just popped home for enough time to have a cup of tea and some soup then i was back out again. went and saw dry the river (formely the godwits) who were so good. seriously check 'em out on myspace. then i was a lovely person who dropped jozef and his missus home as well as picking up my big brother from his giggy wiggy. aww.

which brings us to now, i'm sitting in bed about to go to sleep until i have to work 7 til closing time at pound a pint tomorrow night. fml.

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