Sunday, 2 August 2009

so that's where i was yesterday. it was a good day, got to see lots of people i hadn't seen in ages and some cool bands. the highlight probably being erol alkan. such a party going on everyone forgot about the fact it was absolutely pissing it down outside. the horrors weren't bad either. charlie lewis you literally ARE faris badwan, which is definitely not a bad thing. it was a very soggy day, we even saw faris wandering around in one of those see-through plastic ponchos that are only acceptable at festivals and on water rides. unfortunately i didn't feel that well and left before headliners mogwai played. i left by myself and made my way to the tube station. on the way there i met a tramp, it wasn't so much as met as was accosted by a tramp, who asked me to be his girlfriend. also met a lovely lady who was probably in her early 40s who i chatted to on the tube. she told me she was a teacher but also an aspiring singer and told me all about the museum of childhood in bethnal and how it was the 'best museum in london'. so that's where i'm going to go tomorrow. anyway, finally made it back to paddington with a new hatred for the circle line (why is it so slow and have to stop for so long at every station?). had a half an hour wait for my train to leave so because i felt poorly thought i'd treat myself to a hot chocolate. the nice man at costa gave me free whipped cream and a chocolate stick because, and these are his words not mine, on a saturday night i should be at a party drinking champagne. its nice that a man who works at costa and had only known me for 30 seconds should know this about me, what a great judge of character he must be.

i'll put some pictures up from this when i get them developed/find some good ones.

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