Monday, 28 September 2009

elephants never forget

still no internet at 424 new cross road. basically we don't even have an active telephone line to set up the internet and according to bt it costs like £150 to activate it and we think mr landlord man should pay for that cos he is making loads of moneys out of us and what would we do if we didn't have mobiles to call our mummies off?

i yet again have nothing to write but i am going to just so i'm not dead in blogworld, god forbid. i've been living as a fresher again and consequently now have freshers flu. my big sister lucy came up with my friend charlie last sunday. i took them to the wetherspoons in greenwich for dinner and then spent the evening playing trivial pursuit, yeh i know how to show visitors a good time.

monday me and lucy went shopping, i bought some amazing boots which took 4 h&ms to hunt down. worth it though.

we went to bite again which i don't remember much of but apparently i was very rude to some freshers in the queue. the queue was ridiculous though, damn you time out magazine for ruining it. this horrible picture was taken of me but at least they thought i was worthy of having my picture taken i guess?

tuesday, me and lucy took the vintage sale for sue ryder to goldsmiths jumble sale and made about £150. nice one.first pound a pint back at the s.u was epic. night ended up a trip to the hatch in a trolley, mosh pit and crowd surfing in our lounge then jumping on josh's bed. i woke up wednesday very bruised. wednesday, standard sandwich. friday - bbq, party, whip it blaaah.

saturday i met up with my west london bud, mat, and our friend neal and we all spent the beautiful sunny day at portobello road market. i bought a cameo necklace for £5 from one of the cheaper stalls towards ladbroke grove.

went to a house party in new cross in the evening. good day.

nothing else really to write and i'm meant to be at a goldsmiths w.i. vs. goldsmiths gentlemen rounders match in 10 mins so better dash.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

fuck you, flowerman

sorry about the massive lack of posts recently but i've moved into our new house and as amazing as it is it doesn't currently have internet and i've been having too much fun to come to the library and steal theirs. i'm here now though and i'm totally out of the loop on goings on in the world, i was officially the last person to know patrick swayze had died. so i have nothing really to write about except what i've been doing this past week.

sunday i moved in. after moving a tramp from blocking our back gate and manouvreing a transit van down a very tight alley there were many trips too and from the house moving everything in. the early morning wake up call for ed and josh and their participation in carrying the heavier items of my stuff into the house was rewarded with a fried breakfast at goldsmiths cafe courtesy of papa cox. after the family farewell and the hours is took to unpack and make my room all flowery we went to the thames festival on the southbank. we saw diversity perform who were amazing and the best fireworks display i've ever seen.

monday i had a job interview, i didn't get it. in the evening we went to bite at punk in soho. nothing much to report but it was a very good night. sluts are hilarious.

nothing really happened tuesday and yesterday me and ed went to deptford market; where i debated on buying some pink panther lamps but decided against that and then decided on a bunch of flowers to brighten up our sitting room which has mario kart worshipping temple. in the evening we orange wednesday-ed district 9 because none of the boys wanted to see the new pedro almodovar film (philestines).

Friday, 11 September 2009

just because she's likes the same bizzaro crap you do doesn't mean she's your soul mate

wednesday night me and lucy orange wednesday-ed 500 days of summer and if you are a girl and haven't seen it yet than you MUST. tom's such an unbelievable male character but whatever we can all dream that guys will fall that head over heels in love with us. the whole film is shot really beautifully and the soundtrack could literally be one of my spotify playlists. after coming out of the cinema i just wanted to listen to regina spektor on loop. i couldn't make my mind up whether i found joseph gordon-levitt attractive or not, anyway it has my new man obsession matthew gray gubler in it which was enough for me.

its a lovely film and the "unhappy" ending i found realistic. having a relationship that one person views as perfect and the other being unhappy and choosing to end it, much to the other person's surprise and heartbreak, is something i can relate to on both sides and therefore found it somewhat satisfying.

film review overrrr. thursday i went shopping. despite the sunny weather i was determined to autumn wardrobe shop. i'm sick of having cold feet and want some good boots. i searched and searched and the only ones i found i really liked were ones in topshop but they're so expensive. so all i went home with was a black blazer from h&m sale and this wicked native american chief head ring from topman (i tried to take a picture of it to post but my camera phone couldn't focus and its not on their website). i do like all the boots with studs on and stuff but i would be a bit funny with wearing gold if my boots had silver studs on and vice versa. also if i got black boots i couldn't wear them with navy. am i normal? do other people have these problems too? i'm trying to decide i'd regret spending £58.50 on these beauties. they're tan so go with black and navy and the buckles not too obvious that i felt i couldn't wear silver with them.

i'm gonna go make some bunting. moving in 2 days. psyched.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

richard of york gave battle in vain.

i've always liked this

then one day i found this in my front room

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

i am always on my way back home

this my friends, is known as having a sweet set-up. now that's what i'm talking about. anyway yeh that's how i started my day. good.

so on sunday me and my sister did our monthly vintage sale at the oakford social club in reading. it was actually really busy and loads of people came which was lovely, we raised about £150 which is really good so thank you to everyone who came. i, as per usual, bought loads of stuff for myself including an oversized navy vest/ dress and a denim shirt. these t-shirts and bag

and i'm considering this dress, opinions?

i also bought these postcards from a lady at the artmarket. she had a really cool little stall selling cards and postcards she designs herself as well as little handmade 'koodles' she makes. they were cute, check out her website.

those were my purchases which will soon be appearing in MY NEW AMAZING ROOM. went yesterday and paid the money and picked up the keys. the house is amaaazing, i love it. this is my room, its HUGE

i had to tear myself away from it as i'm not actually moving in til sunday. i've got so much lovely stuff to decorate it with and after our trip to ikea on monday i WILL own this bedding.

this was a rather picture heavy post. hope you enjoyed it munchkins.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

my week

monday - train to london to pay and pick up keys for the house. hang out in the new house and get all excited about moving in on sunday. come back to reading and maybe go to pav's/rev's/sak's.

tuesday - go with my dad to wokingham so that he can buy me the floral bedspread and cushions i want from that shop in wokingham. see katy?

wednesday - dinner at giraffe with lucy and katie. orange wednesday 500 days of summer.

thursday - work 9 til close (that's 9 p.m not a.m)

friday - dinner with rhema, bryony, ruth, roseanna and whoever else before we all go back to uni. maybe go out for neal's birthday afterwards.

saturday - pack to move into house.

sunday - MOVING DAY.

i need to make more bunting. i also want these candles.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

just saying.

i got paid yesterday. now i can afford my tattoo. i can afford my tattoo like a million times over probably actually.

i was at work last night and this girl came in with her dad. maybe, even, we thought, he could have been her grandad. she was a gobby little shite and pretty young so straight away these two had our attention. she didn't even look old enough to be in the place but we i.d-ed her and she'd turned 18 recently.then the man asked to use the disabled toilet as he couldn't manage the stairs, just to give you an idea of just how old this guy was. anyway after a while these two seemed to be looking a bit too close for a daughter-daddy relationship and we were all getting a bit weirded out - are they father and daughter or a couple?. i was busying myself filling the glass washer when charlie came running run the corner and screams "I KNOW THE ANSWER NOW AND ITS NOT PRETTY". i couldn't help but have a sly look right the corner and it was true. charlie: "DON'T LOOK DIRECTLY AT IT".

Friday, 4 September 2009

well we never drove to paris and i've never been to prague, we should try them out perhaps

i'm listening to taking back sunday. whatever, i don't care. i'm getting angsty 'cause i'm stressy. massive stressing about money and rubbish grown up stuff the past few days. waiting for marjorie from the estate agents to ring me back. at least i think i am, i wasn't sure how to work her voicemail. finally got my deposit back from my flat last year. really hope i've been paid today and that hasn't been messed up. got a job interview a week monday so FINGERS CROSSED i'll have a job for when i'm back at uni. finally posted my tuition fees too so that's a thing to cross off my to-do list. i should probably actually make a to-do list. i really want my jay jay pistolet t-shirt to come, i'm so impatient i listen out for the postman every morning to see if its here yet. i'm gonna listen to some jay jay and calm down.

i'd meet him in a public toilet anyday. filthy.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

i am not spare parts for you to use and lose

i couldn't find a decent video on youtube of the song by peggy sue (the artist formerly know as peggy sue and the pirates) that i wanted but i found this instead and thought it was pretty. the song i was looking for is called "spare parts" and its my favourite song of theirs, i can't even find it on myspace to link it to you. i'll keep looking and maybe one day. for now though, i'm just gonna paste the lyrics 'cause i really like them and this is my blog so that's what i'm gonna do.

i lent you a hand but you never gave it back
i lent you a hand but you never gave it back
you said you had grown very fond of my fingers,
the way that the touch of the tips of them lingers
and you couldn't possibly part with them now
so you carry them around, in your handbag

i lent you a light when everything around you was black
i lent you a light when everything around you was black
and you lit you cigarette
and then you left

and you needed a place to put your hands
i said "you could lay 'em on my hips"
and you needed a place to put your kisses
i said "you could use my lips"

i lent you a shoulder, a shoulder to lean upon
i said you could keep it until you were feeling strong
you'd taken advantage of my kind loan
you carry it 'round town, pass it off as your own
and everybody thinks that you're so very kind
but nobody knows that that shoulder is mine

and you needed a place to put your hat
i said you could lay it right here
you were looking for something to do
with all those things that trouble you
i said, I would lend you an ear

worst of all, I gave you my heart
'cause yours wasn't working too good
i am not spare parts for you to use and you to lose, no

do do do do do do do do do do do do do do

you use me and you lose me yeah you do

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

mateus verdelho marry me

this is the cutest photo of a boy i've ever seen. fact.

this is what a hungover post looks like

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

london's calling

this time next week, we'll have the keys to our new house. i'm so excited, even if i can't actually move in til next week and before getting the keys i have to hand over almost £860 and once we've moved in we have to sort out internet, tv licences, blahh blahh. whatever, my room in my parents house makes me so depressed. its basically a storage room for my older sister's stuff/ my mum's walk-in wardrobe. thus half my room is boxes stacked up and the rest is an absolute mess and i've been living out of a suitcase for the past 3 months. not many people can say that have to allow themselves extra time before they go out so that they can actually locate their clothes.

i'm beginning to feel really unfulfilled at home, i don't feel like myself anymore. i want to get back to london and escape from telling one person i hate them and another person i love them which both i'm scared i'll end up doing with probably catastrophic consequences.