Saturday, 31 October 2009

happy halloween!

as i said in my last post, i'm not out tonight but i did my share of partying last night at our s.u's annual halloween party. i can't remember much so i'm just gonna post photos i stole from other people (i was a wind up doll)

oh baby its cold outside

don't go on myspace for ages, juct checked it- only got a personal message from jay jay pistolet on there. what a nice chap.

we FINALLY have internet in our south east london abode, but alas i'm at home for the weekend, spending halloween watching 'have i got news for you?' with my dad who's insisting on wearing a beanie hat he got free from a motorbike magazine with the words 'fast bikes' across it. don't get me wrong, i wasn't embarrassed, i joined him by putting my own recent hat purchase on.

cosy. my most recent buy was a pair of long john style grey ribbed cotton leggings from deptford for £4 and they're so comfy. winter is definitely coming.

Monday, 26 October 2009

help meee

is this dress worth £24.98? its in the sale on the urban outfitters website and i'm trying to decide. i think it would look really nice but could i find something equally as good somewhere else for cheaper?


what the fuck, i found out today bonnie greer is SIXTY. we all saw her on question time and no way does she look that old. its true what they say - black really don't crack.

Friday, 23 October 2009

in the words of wayne and garth

we're not worthy, we're not worthy!


things i want in my life

#1 red hair

this has been a long time coming. i've experimented with reddy brown hair dyes and it just keeps going really dark, almost purple so now i've gone ahead and purchased a very red colour called 'watermelon'. my hair's a semi alright colour at the mo so i'm gonna leave it a while longer but its days are numbered.

#2 fur hat
one just like this;

colour and style.

#3 some of those tights with hearts on

i mean obviously there's loads of stuff i don't have but want in my life but i'm being realistic here. i think my room needs a chandelier, in fact i know my room needs a chandelier. i've been on homesweetstyle tumblr too much today. i also need nail varnishes, living with boys is so annoying when it comes to things like that. the only one i have with me at uni is 'miami pink' and i don't think autumnal new cross can handle miami pink, i can't say i'm feeling it right now.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

go west on the eastside

everyone banged on about the wire to me and i never gave it any attention, certain it wasn't for me but then i watched the first episode of series 1 and i'm hooked. i've watched like 5 episodes today. if somebody had told me it had this man candy in it, i would have turned on (no pun intended) sooner. mmm dominic west, not as good as enrique murciano from without a trace as my favourite sexy cop but he's still pretty good.

i was gonna name this post "he could pop a cap in my ass anyday" but then knew it would be massively misinterpreted.

what's eating gilbert grape?

i know johnny depp is one of the hottest men on this planet but i always forget and then bam, gets me everytime.

especially in this film, he dedicates his life to looking after his insanely annoying retard brother, aww.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

going geeky

friday afternoon we went on a school trip to the british museum (see all i do isn't just get drunk and read fashion blogs all day). the reason for the visit was to see the moctezuma: aztec ruler exhibition. now as a history student who's been studying nazis for 6 years, getting to study the aztecs, if only for a week, is awesome. why are they so awesome i hear you ask?

because they covered a human skull in gold and turquoise, amazing! they cut out peoples beating hearts and put them in eagle shaped bowls for crying out loud, major badasses.

little fact for you, the aztec word for 'gold' translates as 'god excrement'. now don't say i never teach you anything.

went down to the old police station and had a cup of tea

i decided i would start posting little and often, so that then i didn't do massive posts with loads of unrelated topics so here goes.

after a heavy night on wednesday, the few members of our house that were actually awake popped along to a little cafe just down the road from us called the metropolitan tea rooms. no disrespect to goldsmiths cafe (you'll always be our beloved greasy spoon) but we'd heard good stuff about this place (mostly the tea for 50p bit) and fancied something different so went to check it out.

it was a charming little place, modestly decorated but not pretentious, which for a cafe designed for artists is a nice change. all the food and cakes look amazing, although i'm yet to try, but the tea is definitely 50p and the staff are lovely and friendly. ed wanted to keep the place our little secret but to be honest we found out about it from reading time out so the jig is up on the metropolitan tea rooms. what i will say is good luck finding it though.

Monday, 12 October 2009

there's people in the floorboards, said the mouse.

i spend 2 nights away from the house and ed gets mugged, a mouse has taken up home in the kitchen and 4 out of the 6 residents have fallen ill with flu (and its not man flu i'm assured).

in more fun news, i spent 6 days in a row partying. who says you need to buckle down and work hard in your second year of uni? i won't bore you with everything as it was pretty much stuff i've done before and blogged about. on friday though i did end up at a gay bar or at least a gay night called caligula at the bathhouse off liverpool street. we didn't know it was a gay night and to be fair it probably isn't that's just the crowd it attracts and now i know its where scottee djs, it kinda figures. it was a lot of fun though - tons of 90s classics, djs in a giant bird cage and gay porn projected onto the walls, whats not to like? plus its open 11pm til 5am and only costs £4. you can't get a drink for under £3 but their bar staff are the speediest i've ever seen.

saturday i went to my friend mat's cowboys and indians party which was a lot of fun. even if i did look more like chief from one flew over the cuckoo's next rather than sacawagea/ tiger lily and my liver was screaming at me to give it a break.

anyway, after i successfully completed my quest to find the perfect autumn boots the other week, a new mission took its place. the hunt for the winter coat. now last year i somehow survived with just wearing jackets?! but this year its not working out so well for me so i searched all over and found this cosy mamasita that's black with a floral velvet pattern over it and a faux fur trim (love).

it makes me feel like a hooker and i wanna wear it with nothing on underneath, which i totes could so 'cause its so warm! i won't really, don't worry..

also got a blue tie dye dress 'cause tie dye is acceptable it was in the 90's..which was a desperate attempt to link in my next topic which is natalie portman in leon. i've just finished watching it and man, she's the coolest 12 year old girl EVER. i totally love everything she wears even though i know its so 90s and sorta wrong. i know chokers are so so wrong but also kinda awesome?

Monday, 5 October 2009

bedroom eyes

its my day off and outside its raining, canary wharf is only just visible from my window through the gloomy sky so i stuck on the belle and sebastian, and after being moved in for 3 weeks, finally got my room just the way i want it.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

life is full of hard bits, but inbetween the hard bits there are lots of lovely bits

i finally found some autumn boots, i know you're excited right? of course.

they don't photograph well but trust they are gooood. better than that, i don't think i've ever loved a pair of boots so much. not even my first ever pair of cowboy boots. they've taken no breaking in and were only £24.99. i love weird chavvy shops that have absolute gems if you look for them, they come from that shop next to urban outfitters on oxford st that's all like "MANY ITEM £5". they made their debut at off modern on thursday night at corsica studios in elephant and castle, i got compliments on them, naturally (joke). best quote from that night though, on telling a dutch man my name he preceeded to tell me it sounded like i was "skiing through the vowels", i loved it.

i'm such a lover right now and so will leave you with one of my favourite clips from eagle vs. shark that i watched earlier.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

we are recycling.

stealing internet. why can't all people just let me on their network, i'm not gonna give them viruses or download pornz just check facebook and read fashion blogs. i promise guv. this better be quick before my connection goes again.

today our green bin FINALLY arrived. thanks lewisham council. you've literally never seen a group of people more happy at the prospect of recycling.

two boys have asked for my number in the past 2 weeks and neither have used it. fml.