Sunday, 18 October 2009

going geeky

friday afternoon we went on a school trip to the british museum (see all i do isn't just get drunk and read fashion blogs all day). the reason for the visit was to see the moctezuma: aztec ruler exhibition. now as a history student who's been studying nazis for 6 years, getting to study the aztecs, if only for a week, is awesome. why are they so awesome i hear you ask?

because they covered a human skull in gold and turquoise, amazing! they cut out peoples beating hearts and put them in eagle shaped bowls for crying out loud, major badasses.

little fact for you, the aztec word for 'gold' translates as 'god excrement'. now don't say i never teach you anything.

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  1. I really enjoyed this post Amy. The Aztecs ruled! Yes, I know they did literally rule... Remember when I played Tlaloc - YES! - Tlaloc, the Aztec God of Rain? Learn me more about the Aztecs please, like about the holy men who covered themselves in druggie body paint and went on massive benders. or try this out at pound a pint and report back