Friday, 23 October 2009

things i want in my life

#1 red hair

this has been a long time coming. i've experimented with reddy brown hair dyes and it just keeps going really dark, almost purple so now i've gone ahead and purchased a very red colour called 'watermelon'. my hair's a semi alright colour at the mo so i'm gonna leave it a while longer but its days are numbered.

#2 fur hat
one just like this;

colour and style.

#3 some of those tights with hearts on

i mean obviously there's loads of stuff i don't have but want in my life but i'm being realistic here. i think my room needs a chandelier, in fact i know my room needs a chandelier. i've been on homesweetstyle tumblr too much today. i also need nail varnishes, living with boys is so annoying when it comes to things like that. the only one i have with me at uni is 'miami pink' and i don't think autumnal new cross can handle miami pink, i can't say i'm feeling it right now.


  1. barry m gogogogo
    i'm addicted i have a new nail colour every week at the minuteee
    and i'm going to topshop to purchase some heart tights todayy

  2. #1 you would look great with red hair

    #2 we have hats in at work like that all the time. colour and style. if I find one knocking about hello amy stocking filler

    #3 I got a pair of those heart tights a couple of years ago and they laddered the second I put them on. heartbreak

  3. I think you'd have to bleach it to get it really red! that's what I did with mine, and red fades fast, but looks amazing! think you'd really suit it. I also am craving heart tights and a fur hat!

  4. hahaha me and sophie love the barry m!
    and red hair is obviously the best! you should go for it!!
    andd i have the heart tightss but really want a fur hat/ head band!
    alsoo i live in new cross too [[: