Monday, 12 October 2009

there's people in the floorboards, said the mouse.

i spend 2 nights away from the house and ed gets mugged, a mouse has taken up home in the kitchen and 4 out of the 6 residents have fallen ill with flu (and its not man flu i'm assured).

in more fun news, i spent 6 days in a row partying. who says you need to buckle down and work hard in your second year of uni? i won't bore you with everything as it was pretty much stuff i've done before and blogged about. on friday though i did end up at a gay bar or at least a gay night called caligula at the bathhouse off liverpool street. we didn't know it was a gay night and to be fair it probably isn't that's just the crowd it attracts and now i know its where scottee djs, it kinda figures. it was a lot of fun though - tons of 90s classics, djs in a giant bird cage and gay porn projected onto the walls, whats not to like? plus its open 11pm til 5am and only costs £4. you can't get a drink for under £3 but their bar staff are the speediest i've ever seen.

saturday i went to my friend mat's cowboys and indians party which was a lot of fun. even if i did look more like chief from one flew over the cuckoo's next rather than sacawagea/ tiger lily and my liver was screaming at me to give it a break.

anyway, after i successfully completed my quest to find the perfect autumn boots the other week, a new mission took its place. the hunt for the winter coat. now last year i somehow survived with just wearing jackets?! but this year its not working out so well for me so i searched all over and found this cosy mamasita that's black with a floral velvet pattern over it and a faux fur trim (love).

it makes me feel like a hooker and i wanna wear it with nothing on underneath, which i totes could so 'cause its so warm! i won't really, don't worry..

also got a blue tie dye dress 'cause tie dye is acceptable it was in the 90's..which was a desperate attempt to link in my next topic which is natalie portman in leon. i've just finished watching it and man, she's the coolest 12 year old girl EVER. i totally love everything she wears even though i know its so 90s and sorta wrong. i know chokers are so so wrong but also kinda awesome?

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