Saturday, 3 October 2009

life is full of hard bits, but inbetween the hard bits there are lots of lovely bits

i finally found some autumn boots, i know you're excited right? of course.

they don't photograph well but trust they are gooood. better than that, i don't think i've ever loved a pair of boots so much. not even my first ever pair of cowboy boots. they've taken no breaking in and were only £24.99. i love weird chavvy shops that have absolute gems if you look for them, they come from that shop next to urban outfitters on oxford st that's all like "MANY ITEM £5". they made their debut at off modern on thursday night at corsica studios in elephant and castle, i got compliments on them, naturally (joke). best quote from that night though, on telling a dutch man my name he preceeded to tell me it sounded like i was "skiing through the vowels", i loved it.

i'm such a lover right now and so will leave you with one of my favourite clips from eagle vs. shark that i watched earlier.

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  1. i have the same love for these weird chavvy shops! some of my best finds have been in places like that... they can be so suprising sometimes! x