Sunday, 18 October 2009

went down to the old police station and had a cup of tea

i decided i would start posting little and often, so that then i didn't do massive posts with loads of unrelated topics so here goes.

after a heavy night on wednesday, the few members of our house that were actually awake popped along to a little cafe just down the road from us called the metropolitan tea rooms. no disrespect to goldsmiths cafe (you'll always be our beloved greasy spoon) but we'd heard good stuff about this place (mostly the tea for 50p bit) and fancied something different so went to check it out.

it was a charming little place, modestly decorated but not pretentious, which for a cafe designed for artists is a nice change. all the food and cakes look amazing, although i'm yet to try, but the tea is definitely 50p and the staff are lovely and friendly. ed wanted to keep the place our little secret but to be honest we found out about it from reading time out so the jig is up on the metropolitan tea rooms. what i will say is good luck finding it though.

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