Thursday, 17 September 2009

fuck you, flowerman

sorry about the massive lack of posts recently but i've moved into our new house and as amazing as it is it doesn't currently have internet and i've been having too much fun to come to the library and steal theirs. i'm here now though and i'm totally out of the loop on goings on in the world, i was officially the last person to know patrick swayze had died. so i have nothing really to write about except what i've been doing this past week.

sunday i moved in. after moving a tramp from blocking our back gate and manouvreing a transit van down a very tight alley there were many trips too and from the house moving everything in. the early morning wake up call for ed and josh and their participation in carrying the heavier items of my stuff into the house was rewarded with a fried breakfast at goldsmiths cafe courtesy of papa cox. after the family farewell and the hours is took to unpack and make my room all flowery we went to the thames festival on the southbank. we saw diversity perform who were amazing and the best fireworks display i've ever seen.

monday i had a job interview, i didn't get it. in the evening we went to bite at punk in soho. nothing much to report but it was a very good night. sluts are hilarious.

nothing really happened tuesday and yesterday me and ed went to deptford market; where i debated on buying some pink panther lamps but decided against that and then decided on a bunch of flowers to brighten up our sitting room which has mario kart worshipping temple. in the evening we orange wednesday-ed district 9 because none of the boys wanted to see the new pedro almodovar film (philestines).

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