Friday, 4 September 2009

well we never drove to paris and i've never been to prague, we should try them out perhaps

i'm listening to taking back sunday. whatever, i don't care. i'm getting angsty 'cause i'm stressy. massive stressing about money and rubbish grown up stuff the past few days. waiting for marjorie from the estate agents to ring me back. at least i think i am, i wasn't sure how to work her voicemail. finally got my deposit back from my flat last year. really hope i've been paid today and that hasn't been messed up. got a job interview a week monday so FINGERS CROSSED i'll have a job for when i'm back at uni. finally posted my tuition fees too so that's a thing to cross off my to-do list. i should probably actually make a to-do list. i really want my jay jay pistolet t-shirt to come, i'm so impatient i listen out for the postman every morning to see if its here yet. i'm gonna listen to some jay jay and calm down.

i'd meet him in a public toilet anyday. filthy.


  1. jay jay pistolet, YES
    i had completely forgotten about him, thanks amy!

  2. A jay jay fan! I did the backing vocals on the we are free single.

  3. yeh i swear you sang/ played keyboard for him when he played the river rat pack tour at the oakford?