Friday, 11 September 2009

just because she's likes the same bizzaro crap you do doesn't mean she's your soul mate

wednesday night me and lucy orange wednesday-ed 500 days of summer and if you are a girl and haven't seen it yet than you MUST. tom's such an unbelievable male character but whatever we can all dream that guys will fall that head over heels in love with us. the whole film is shot really beautifully and the soundtrack could literally be one of my spotify playlists. after coming out of the cinema i just wanted to listen to regina spektor on loop. i couldn't make my mind up whether i found joseph gordon-levitt attractive or not, anyway it has my new man obsession matthew gray gubler in it which was enough for me.

its a lovely film and the "unhappy" ending i found realistic. having a relationship that one person views as perfect and the other being unhappy and choosing to end it, much to the other person's surprise and heartbreak, is something i can relate to on both sides and therefore found it somewhat satisfying.

film review overrrr. thursday i went shopping. despite the sunny weather i was determined to autumn wardrobe shop. i'm sick of having cold feet and want some good boots. i searched and searched and the only ones i found i really liked were ones in topshop but they're so expensive. so all i went home with was a black blazer from h&m sale and this wicked native american chief head ring from topman (i tried to take a picture of it to post but my camera phone couldn't focus and its not on their website). i do like all the boots with studs on and stuff but i would be a bit funny with wearing gold if my boots had silver studs on and vice versa. also if i got black boots i couldn't wear them with navy. am i normal? do other people have these problems too? i'm trying to decide i'd regret spending £58.50 on these beauties. they're tan so go with black and navy and the buckles not too obvious that i felt i couldn't wear silver with them.

i'm gonna go make some bunting. moving in 2 days. psyched.

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  1. I was in love with 500 Days of Summer too when I saw it last week and really enjoyed the realism! I am so glad someone else mentioned that it was like one of their spotify playlists I thought the same thing!

    The boots are lovely lady & I think that about black boots clashing with navy.