Tuesday, 8 September 2009

i am always on my way back home

this my friends, is known as having a sweet set-up. now that's what i'm talking about. anyway yeh that's how i started my day. good.

so on sunday me and my sister did our monthly vintage sale at the oakford social club in reading. it was actually really busy and loads of people came which was lovely, we raised about £150 which is really good so thank you to everyone who came. i, as per usual, bought loads of stuff for myself including an oversized navy vest/ dress and a denim shirt. these t-shirts and bag

and i'm considering this dress, opinions?

i also bought these postcards from a lady at the artmarket. she had a really cool little stall selling cards and postcards she designs herself as well as little handmade 'koodles' she makes. they were cute, check out her website.

those were my purchases which will soon be appearing in MY NEW AMAZING ROOM. went yesterday and paid the money and picked up the keys. the house is amaaazing, i love it. this is my room, its HUGE

i had to tear myself away from it as i'm not actually moving in til sunday. i've got so much lovely stuff to decorate it with and after our trip to ikea on monday i WILL own this bedding.

this was a rather picture heavy post. hope you enjoyed it munchkins.


  1. OMG i see New Cross out your window!! Is it Lewisham Way? Fionaaaa xxx

  2. ahhh fiona, i need to follow your blog.
    its not lewisham way but close, its new cross road. the stretch between the amersham arms and the royal albert. love itttt xxx