Tuesday, 1 September 2009

london's calling

this time next week, we'll have the keys to our new house. i'm so excited, even if i can't actually move in til next week and before getting the keys i have to hand over almost £860 and once we've moved in we have to sort out internet, tv licences, blahh blahh. whatever, my room in my parents house makes me so depressed. its basically a storage room for my older sister's stuff/ my mum's walk-in wardrobe. thus half my room is boxes stacked up and the rest is an absolute mess and i've been living out of a suitcase for the past 3 months. not many people can say that have to allow themselves extra time before they go out so that they can actually locate their clothes.

i'm beginning to feel really unfulfilled at home, i don't feel like myself anymore. i want to get back to london and escape from telling one person i hate them and another person i love them which both i'm scared i'll end up doing with probably catastrophic consequences.


  1. i am copying that polaroid heart thing pretty much as soon as i finish typing this

  2. (i did it, it didn;t look as nice and took 38 polaroids!)

  3. ah no, don't say that! i was gonna try it with real photos and hope it works.