Monday, 28 September 2009

elephants never forget

still no internet at 424 new cross road. basically we don't even have an active telephone line to set up the internet and according to bt it costs like £150 to activate it and we think mr landlord man should pay for that cos he is making loads of moneys out of us and what would we do if we didn't have mobiles to call our mummies off?

i yet again have nothing to write but i am going to just so i'm not dead in blogworld, god forbid. i've been living as a fresher again and consequently now have freshers flu. my big sister lucy came up with my friend charlie last sunday. i took them to the wetherspoons in greenwich for dinner and then spent the evening playing trivial pursuit, yeh i know how to show visitors a good time.

monday me and lucy went shopping, i bought some amazing boots which took 4 h&ms to hunt down. worth it though.

we went to bite again which i don't remember much of but apparently i was very rude to some freshers in the queue. the queue was ridiculous though, damn you time out magazine for ruining it. this horrible picture was taken of me but at least they thought i was worthy of having my picture taken i guess?

tuesday, me and lucy took the vintage sale for sue ryder to goldsmiths jumble sale and made about £150. nice one.first pound a pint back at the s.u was epic. night ended up a trip to the hatch in a trolley, mosh pit and crowd surfing in our lounge then jumping on josh's bed. i woke up wednesday very bruised. wednesday, standard sandwich. friday - bbq, party, whip it blaaah.

saturday i met up with my west london bud, mat, and our friend neal and we all spent the beautiful sunny day at portobello road market. i bought a cameo necklace for £5 from one of the cheaper stalls towards ladbroke grove.

went to a house party in new cross in the evening. good day.

nothing else really to write and i'm meant to be at a goldsmiths w.i. vs. goldsmiths gentlemen rounders match in 10 mins so better dash.


  1. they have a really sweet russian doll necklace in accessorize, i saw it and thought of you x

  2. WANT! i've been looking for a russian doll necklace as well as a real russian doll! x