Monday, 24 August 2009

indie couples

so last night i was chatting to rob about perfect celebrity couples of the indie variety. he came up with avey tare (of animal collective fame) and kria brekkan (former frontwoman of múm).

awwww. (but they do kinda look like they could be brother and sister. hmm)

then i came up with zooey deschanel and her husband ben gibbard (from death cab duh).

all bastards with their perfect lives but we can't actually hate them 'cause we love them too much. but then again its fine because i'm going to marry zach from beirut and rob's gonna marry that girl from high places.


  1. Fuck that twerp from Deathcab, LITERALLY jealous of him.

    Also, her out of High Places is weird looking. Not in a good way. Just...odd

  2. Avery and Kria are sickeningly cute together :(