Tuesday, 4 August 2009

many drinks, a couple of parks and one very angry war veteran

i was going to write this blog yesterday but no amount of coco pops or gossip girl could make me muster up the attention span to do it. so here goes.

monday i was always going to be in london as i was going to sarah's band, stars of sunday league's, e.p. launch in kilburn with ollie. so when ollie asked if i wanted to hang out in the afternoon beforehand it was the perfect opportunity for me to go to the museum of childhood in bethnal green that that teacher had told me about on my journey home from field day. i also knew that ollie wouldn't say no to the chance of being able to play with some lego. so we went there and it was awesome. there's a roald dahl and quentin blake exhibition going on there at the moment called "snozzcumbers and frobscottle" which i really wanted to go see and its so good. if like me you loved roald dahl as a kid its a must see, its running until the 6th of september and its all free.

after that me and ollie wanted to get drunk. there isn't a link between us wanting to get drunk and the museum by the way but we had a couple of hours to kill and that's all we could come up with to do. the weather was nice so we headed to regents park with a stop off at a trusty tesco express to pick up some cheap booze. ended up spending aaages there, i blame the sun. it didn't go down til really late and it fooled us into thinking it was a lot earlier than it actually was. well that was our excuse for showing up really late to the e.p launch there was no excuse for how drunk we were. we weren't there long but me and ollie both managed to embarass ourselves infront of jeremy warmsley. personally, i think he loved it.

after another stop off at an off licence for more alcohol and an argument with a very deluded war veteran almost erupting into a fight we ended up on a bridge in buckingham palace gardens. i think me and ollie were a lot drunker than everybody else and finding ourselves way too funny. i definitely found drawing penises on the queen's property way too amusing. it began to rain and so we all headed back to new cross. on the bus i found myself scowling at these two polish men who kept staring at my boobs and strangely enough, zoe's knees (i'm not saying zoe doesn't have exquisite knees but its strange to stare at them non?). not wanting the party to end me, ollie and zoe ended up at doug's. by this time my memory is very hazey and i don't remember much except it getting to 5 in the morning and doug insisting that me and ollie couldn't take the plastic off of the new mattress and so having to sleep sliding about on that. all in all, a very good day.

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  1. Thank you for saying my knees are exquisite my dear. But indeed, they are not fro creepy men to stare at.