Thursday, 20 August 2009

hey scenesters

i don't normally blog about my friends' bands because normally i don't think they're blog worthy, sorry guys. so dan and james should be super appreciative that their band, fiction, are gonna get publicity on here. basically they're really good and a pretty decent looking bunch of guys. check them out on their myspace. 'curiosity' is seriously catchy. i told rob to listen to them and he ignored me, also prescribing to the 'usually my friend's bands suck' mindset that i have. only to a couple of days later come back and tell me he actually really liked it. they're a real good treat live as well, if you're going to offset festival then they're playing the main stage on the 6th of september. get involved. i've just been on their myspace to find a photo of them and found this, dan looks like spock minus the vulcan ears.

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