Thursday, 13 August 2009

oh the life i lead

so yeah the monotony of my life continues. monday was my first paid shift at pav's. incase you're not familiar with this reading (that's reading the place, not the verb) institution then basically EVERYONE goes to pav's on a monday because its pound a pint. luckily it seemed a fair amount of people couldn't even afford that or had given up on the one-in-one-out system that ends up in operation, so it wasn't as busy as it has been. even so, it took us two hours to clear up and i didn't make it out of there until 2 am. i couldn't even take advantage of the free pint i was offered at the end of my shift because i was driving. as i was leaving i was greeted by my friend dan who was horrendously drunk and stumbling all over the place. i couldn't leave him like that so i generously gave him a lift home, which was eventful but i won't go into detail. i finally got home at 3 and slept very well.

tuesday the highlight of my day was getting my haircut, i now look like a character from an enid blyton novel. see:

i was also introduced to this website, which is pure brilliance.

today i hung out with harriet. we had tea and talked about boys. she's moving to bristol in the hope to make it big. booo. later on i watched muppets in space with my sister then something hilarious/so gross happened. my cat started heaving, it was too far to chase her outside so i grabbed a bin and held it to her face, then she preceeded to throw up into the bucket.

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