Thursday, 5 November 2009

i'm a pro procrastinator

i've been quiet for a few days now, i know i'm sorry. i went home for a couple of days and then i had a busy couple of days back in london so now i'm gonna explain what i've been doing through the medium of photos. sort of.

monday night my sister and our life long friend kate came to my house and we had drinks and then went out to bite, no longer at punk but now at the den and centro near holborn, for kate's birthday. its weird now its moved from punk, the crowd's different. if you've ever been to afterskool then thats what its like, its like that now. anyway here's some photos;

you may think the brunette is my sister but its actually the blonde one, she has a blog too, check it out. the next day we got up and went to giraffe on the south bank for brunch, yum. then headed to golders green in north london to go to all the charity shops. i got some more stuff for my autumn/winter wardrobe (sorry for the fashion show but ed's at work so i'm home alone and i've just spent 4 hours reading about the persian safavid empire, humour me okay?);

this coat from barnado's for £6.98. never been worn, last season stock.

this united colours of benetton duffle coat for £20 which is literally the warmest thing i've ever worn, which i think was also last season stock not second hand.

this cardigan from the same hospice shop as the duffle coat for £5.75 which is so cosy. that night i ended up going to see michael mcintyre with my housemate rob and his family as they had a spare ticket and man that guy is funny.

also, i ended up ordering that urban outfitters dressed (my dad bought it for me, win) and it arrived today. its a really nice fit and its introduced purple into my wardrobe.

apologies for my facial expression, wet hair, no make-up.

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  1. Amy, I love all your buys, they're so fetch x