Thursday, 26 November 2009

goings on, gaga and gossip girl

i'm trying to distract myself from the fact i think there's someone in the house. don't worry, there probably isn't really but within minutes of being left home alone my imagination goes into overtime and i convince myself someone is. i'm being punished for not doing my work in enough time and having to stay in tonight, i didn't wanna go to a squat party in an abandoned strip club in mayfair anyway..pshh..

tuesday night we went to white heat. well that's a lie. we went to a history lecture where there was free wine and got drunk and decided to go to white heat. i don't remember what the music was like and i don't remember seeing anybody who wasn't us but it was fun and i got a free bus journey home after nic demanded the bus driver let me on despite me having no money on my oyster. theo knew i was drunk when i got in, he heard me hiccup all the way up the stairs.

yesterday i found a website that let's me watch season three of gossip girl without giving me a stupid time limit like megavideo (72 minutes isn't enough time damnit) so that was my evening gone. the threesome should have been way hotter. what is dan doing with hilary fat arms duff?! vanessa, you may have a hot body but you've got a blokes face. chuck is now my favourite boy, it was for a long time a tie between dan and chuck but season three has seen chuck come out top. macaroons and single malts, he's the perfect gent. and serena 'slagbag' van der woodsen, she likes tripp but ohh now nate's gonna try it and she SO was gonna but then oh no tripp's wife's a conniving bitch so he shows up and she's all his again. i still love serena even if she is easy as american pie, she's such a babe. blair's wardrobe this season is a little disappointing but its getting better. loved the appearance from lady gaga. oh and jenny humphrey, i could scratch that bitch's eyes out.


  1. hillar duff is mad fit you weirdo, her sister is hot in napoleon dynamite too

  2. YES chuck is my favourite boy too xo