Thursday, 19 November 2009

love in the nineties

so last night goldsmiths institution club sandwich was given a twist with a nineties theme and although i hate club nights like school discos and other such events that encourage sluts to dress up like sluts and be annoying sluts this was a theme i could get onboard with. i wasn't intentionally dressed nineties but got in for free as the woman on the door exclaimed my shoes were "hideously nineties".

admittedy they are genuine nineties ravel tie-dye denim wedges so its good that didn't go unnoticed, plus they are horrifically crippling so i assume not having to pay for entry is my compensation and my compensation went on whiskey.


  1. they look really comfortable! What was the rest of your unintentional 90s outfit?

  2. oh i just wore a little black dress, black tights and a denim shirt(most likely also from the nineties)

  3. and they're not tooo bad but they are a bit tight on me so after a couple of hours dancing in them my feet were agony!