Monday, 25 January 2010

just a stream of consciousness.

even with essays aside i've been pretty rubbish at blogging. thursday was my good friend sarah's birthday and i drank most of a bottle of white wine before going out for cocktails. convinced i resemble carrie bradshaw sipping my cosmo i decided i only ever want to drink out of cocktail glasses for the rest of my life and stole not one but two, very impressive if you saw the size of my handbag. we then went back to mine and danced to all sorts of hip hop and rnb and drank more wine.

friday i was very VERY ill. still not sure if it was a hangover or not. either way, it was the worst i've ever felt. i threw up a lot. in fact anything i tried to eat or drink (including water) came back up within minutes of consumption. graphic huh?

saturday the lovely rose and mima came round and we had tea in my bed. in the evening i went for a couple of pints in central with a good friend from home and we got quite smashed. really really great times.

sunday i ILLEGALLY watched sherlock holmes. it was good. definitely set it up for a sequel too, excellent.

today i went to golders green and only realised on the tube there i was using my shopping bag emblazoned with "i've been to the FANTASTIC SAUSAGE FACTORY". whilst normally it is amusing i felt in a predominantly jewish area of north london it was particularly insensitive. i spent the whole time trying to cover it up, scared somebody might spit on me. anyway, here's the blazer i bought for £6

it looks like its part of a school uniform with its burgundy and black strips on grey but they gold pin stripes going through it assure me its not. then i popped to oxford street to pick up my housemate a birthday present and couldn't leave without picking up a top in zara sale. bik bok at the moment is so good! i wanted so much from there but managed to resist. they have crushed velvet black leggings for £12.99!

oh and i forgot to mention, i booked a trip to amsterdam for february. excited!

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