Wednesday, 20 January 2010

new cross, concrete jungle where dreams are made of

this week i've already completed a 3000 word essay and i'm currently on 776 of a 1500 word source analysis (history students are cool) so naturally i'm blogging.

thursday night we went to off modern at corsica studios, i didn't drink and it was completely rammed to a ridiculous extent, some health and safety codes were definitely being violated and i went home early. still, i had a good time.

if you were in the south east london area on friday night then you might have been aware, or if you are a member of the metropolitan police force within the south east london area then you definitely would have been aware about a certain house party that went on. it will a night that will go down in goldsmiths history as i'm pretty sure most of their current alumni were in attendence. there was a lot of drink, a hell of a lot of mephedrone, the most amount of police i've ever seen, an incredible set from beaty heart and a very good night had by all. 8 musgrove road, we salute you.

photos pinched from various people.

yep that's me at the back stood on a sofa clapping my hands like i just don't care.

i'm also pretty sure i met the man of my dreams that night too. oh well.

which brings me to monday night and we all went to bite at the den for zoe's birthday. now i've talked about bite before and i was a big fan but monday was so bad, it is now dead to me and i never want to go again. the new venue is shit and the music was awful. very very disappointing. any good suggestions for a new club night to go to on a monday with cheap drinks?

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  1. im still trying to work out why bite was so substandard that night. the shape of the venue doesn't help at all (from what i remember, it tapers in at the dancefloor, like a wine bottle) and the music was trash. it's a shame because bite is usually raaaaaaad