Monday, 11 January 2010

back to se14 via nw1

yesterday, despite the adverse weather conditions of late, i returned to my second home that is the south east london gem of new cross. my dad suggested that whilst he was in london we took a trip to camden market as it had been years since he'd been there. i, myself, hadn't been there for almost a year. fed up of the all the cyber goth and general greebiness of camden market, and to be honest, camden itself, i can't say i'd been bothered to go much. admittedly last time i did go there had been a rise in the amount of vintage stalls and shops that had lots of good stock, but it was way overpriced for what is essentially peoples' old stuff. after our trip yesterday, my view has changed and there are actually general good deals to be had for "cool" stuff. i picked up this t-shirt, which is probably my new favourite, its so soft and comfy and not bad for £12.50 i don't think.

i want to go back there and buy all of their designs now. i also got a vintage snakeskin-esque black blazer for a tenner and some vintage knee high black leather boots with a silver buckle detail on the back, also a tenner.

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