Tuesday, 9 March 2010

friday, i'm in love

this post just shows i spend too much time at deptford bunker club. its all good though. last friday was deptford darling. i, influenced by my daily dose of shakira's she wolf, went dressed as a wolf.

i particularly enjoy how somebody accurately captured the love between me and jess.

this friday was dead gentlemen and it was a huge success. way more than anyone ever expected. ever. it seemed like it might be a disaster but the boys managed to pull it off. i invited people and they actually came so massive thank you to them and a general thanks to everyone who came. i got ridiculously drunk and don't remember a lot and woke up with half a moustache on my face. don't worry i asked someone to draw it there and it's fine because someone remarked how they liked my "cocorosie look". this is the only photographic evidence (to my knowledge) that i was even there.

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