Thursday, 6 May 2010

sweet disposition

so i've been having a lovely time since i handed in my brain on a platter in the form of nineteen thousand five hundred words to goldsmiths last week. the la shark single launch night at the amersham arms on saturday was a brilliant night. sunday was a lazy day in bed watching dvds. bank holiday monday i had the pleasure of probably the best roast dinner of my life so far courtesy of owen. tuesday i spent charity shop shopping around golders green and bargain hunting in camden with chelsea j. yesterday me and some girl friends went for a cup of tea and cake in this cute little cafe called the scooter café in lower marsh near waterloo. there were even these two adorable cats that lived there, in amsterdam loads of cafés had cats in them but this is the first one i've encountered in london.

then today i exercised my right to vote, hurray for democracy! note to self: i need to start taking more pictures. oh and i'm allowing myself a week off and now that's up i'm going to start looking for jobs to support myself in london over the summer.

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