Monday, 18 April 2011

jel of coachell

so its that time of year again when blogs are going crazy over what everyone is wearing at coachella. this is my personal favourite so far, from isabel lucas. has anyone seen the photos of vanessa hudgens? so suddenly she's a massive hippy chick?! weird. I WISH I WAS THERE SO BAD AND NOT IN THE LIBRARY WRITING MY FUCKING DISSERTATION.


  1. Ohh man she's so gorgeous. Love outfit watching when Coachella is on!

    And it is funny about Vanessa Hudgens - like on anyone else it could look quite cool but on her so contrived. "Today, I'm going to be a hippy!"

  2. exactly! when i first saw it, i was like is that really vanessa hudgens?! its totally as if someone told her its a festival and she has to dress like a hippy.