Tuesday, 18 October 2011

hocus pocus emo


this is my october wishlist for under £30, a little worst witch don't ya think? i don't think i'd necessarily wear it all as one outfit, a bit too matchy matchy.

striped top / topshop [sale £10.00]
skirt / idol at new look [£24.99]
necklace / regal rose on ebay [7.00] - this is a cheat because i did actually buy this
boots / m&s [£29.50]

all this black reminds me of suri's burn book (if you aren't already aware of this then go on that) and her comment about angelina jolie - "it’s obvious she’d rather be focusing on ruining other people’s marriages and shopping for things that are black". HAH.

so this was fun. i might make some more of these and generally become a better blogger. WATCH THIS SPACE.

1 comment:

  1. those m&s boots are GOOD.

    Thank you also for bringing Suri's burn book in to my life x