Sunday, 20 November 2011

tis the sequin season

so yeah i watch strictly come dancing, its not a guilty pleasure i'm too ashamed to admit, as well as its accompanying weekday programme 'it takes two' presented by the delightful zoe ball (she makes up for awful tess daly). now i'm not a huge fan of sequins but every evening i find myself loving what zoe wears, its always an awesome mixture of velour, leopard print,  leather and of course sequins, many many sequins. 

(apologies for the top two they were screen grabs from bbc iplayer) 

i admit that sequins aren't for everyone, maybe not even for me, but here's a collection of gloriously sequined treasures i've scouted from around the web and as per usual they're all under £30.00

clockwise from top left:
shoes / m&s / £29.50 - an affordable homage to miu miu
clutch bag / miss selfridge / £28.00 - this is my personal favourite.

and just in time for party season!


  1. wow Zoe looks fittt!

    They have some great sequinned t shirts in h&m aswell at the moment in black and gold, about £25. xxxx

  2. love it, and ok you make me want to watch that zoe ball programme! I need to blog that sequin t-shirt I got in upminster that time. I went chazza shopping in upminster again yesterday, was sad without you x

  3. haha i knew you two would love this. the programme is great, i love zoe and especially wednesdays when ian waite is on it! zoe always has lovely sparkly or smokey eyes as well x