Thursday, 29 December 2011

2011: a retrospective

feeling inspired after reading miss tallulah porkchop's 'the year that was' i thought i'd do my own summary of 2011. at first i only focused on the rubbish stuff related to the situation i'm in now but when i got to really thinking about everything that's gone on, it hasn't been all bad.

1. went on holiday with just my friends for the first time and it was one of the most fun times of my life so far.
2. got my degree and a not too shabby one at that.
3. didn't date one single boy (and perhaps more worryingly still haven't realised what i'm doing wrong)
4. moved out of london, the city i love, and back in with my parents. a huge shock after 3 years of independent living in a huge bustling metropolis.
5. bought my first leather jacket which i hope lasts for years to come.
6. realised the job i want to do and in the same year given up the dream of doing it. recession you suck.
7. didn't get a tattoo, the first year i haven't since turning 18.
8. started wearing lipstick, you'd never guess that now looking at me.
9. broke my first bone, it was only a toe but it still counts.
10. had my hair cut professionally for the first time in 2 years.

i know it doesn't sound like the most thrilling year but at the moment i keep focusing on everything that currently sucks in my life (stuff i won't bore anymore people with) and i just need to remind myself that this year hasn't been a complete waste of time and i want to look back and remember some of the good times.

p.s. i'm aware this post should be accompanied by a giant #WHITEGIRLPROBLEMS

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