Sunday, 8 January 2012

the one's that got away

these are just three many pieces of jewellery i wish i owned but alas are too expensive and/ or are sold out. 
exhibit a) tom binns safety pin earrings (too expensive)
exhibit b) iwona ludyga skull bracelet (too expensive & sold out)
exhibit c) low luv x erin wasson bone hoop earrings (went down to £15 and sold out, i'm kicking myself)

p.s. apologies for my awful picture editing skills, i dunno i kinda like it scrappy?


  1. I'll make you a little skull bracelet! It won't be silver or anything like that one, but I can have a go! Love those bone hoops, owhhh :( xxx

  2. aw that's so sweet, thanks doll! i know, the hoops were sterling silver and everything and they slipped away, so annoying x