Sunday, 7 February 2010

everyone is picking up on that feline beat 'cause everything else is obsolete.

so this weekend has been eventful. since the weather on friday was actually quite sunny and not freezing we decided to walk to greenwich. we walked up to the royal observatory with a stop off at the charming rhodes bakery and a gander by the river.friday was topped off with a warehouse party in new cross that was actually really good and didn't get broken up by the police. its just a shame the oxygen ran out and the floor was covered in piss. note: if there's 600 people in a warehouse, one toilet probably isn't enough.

saturday was a total write off. i got into rugby. that's about it.

sunday me and ed didn't want to waste the day so after a little visit to time out's website we decided to go to the russian meslenitsa festival at potters field park. it was free and only a six minute train journey away so after recruiting two more of our housemates off we went. after that we had a wander around tower bridge and had a coffee in the dickens inn. on the train journey home for some reason we got on the topic of disney films and this evening i couldn't help but watch the aristocats. i think i'm going to start watching all the classic disney films again, its been years since i've seen most of them. i'm not allowed to youtube anymore disney songs because the superbowl has started and i have to be quiet.

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