Monday, 1 February 2010

"your vulgarian friend is downstairs"

i popped home the at the weekend and now i have a shiney new notebook, see ya later dells and shitty windows vista. HELLO WINDOWS 7! no i'm still not ready for a mac, although there are qualities to my new sony vaio that are definitely macintosh inspired.

so anyway i've lost all my bookmarks from my old computer and haven't had much time to find anything of interest to blog about so it's just me talking about me.

tuesday night was my housemate josh's birthday. we went for a curry in new cross and then had a little party at another friend's house. it was a tame one for me but lots of fun none the less. (photos pinched from lucy)

thursday night was kids club night at the amersham. beaty heart played and a band i hadn't heard of called filthy boy who were really good, especially their song about jimmy-jammies. we saw them friday night too at deptford darling. a really good club night just down the road from us. it was dj josh weller's birthday and paloma faith popped along to celebrate with him. (photos pinched from georgina, the night was space themed hence people's costumes)

then i spent the weekend at home. saturday night my sister hosted a good ole girls night in and cooked which was a lovely evening. sunday was an 80s rob lowe fest. seriously how hot is he in st elmo's fire?! and about last night is one of my new favourite films.

i promise i'll be more interesting next time.

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