Tuesday, 22 March 2011

long accordion-pleat skirt

to be honest the american apparel website does this skirt no justice but after seeing it doing its rounds on the blogosphere i think it's lovely, especially in pumpkin and almondine.

defs not worth £51 though, sorry.

photos via man repeller and natalie off duty


  1. Ohh wow that's gorgeous! Funnily enough I just wrote a post about an accordian pleat skirt I want to wear to my friends wedding - great minds! This one is beautifull, but I agree - AA prices are insane. No wonder they were going under!

  2. ah i just saw your post! that zara one is really nice, such a good colour - £39.99 is definitely still out my price range though :(

  3. H&M do one, thats probs the cheapest, and maybs nastiest

  4. I know! It's so mot worth the money, however cute it is... I feel like I can thrift something similar...