Sunday, 13 March 2011

#meateasy, new cross

so last night we popped vanessa's #meateasy virginity and it was GOOD.

i've been there and had the cheese burger before so this time opted for the bacon cheeseburger as i have it on good authority its the best burger out there (even better than in-n-out, the stuff of my burger dreams). vanessa went for the cheese burger and between us we split some chill cheese fries and onion rings, turned out to be the perfect order. everything was amazing and because we knew how busy it was went there for a late dinner and it wasn't too packed, in fact we got a table almost straight away and hadn't even finished our first beer when we were summoned to order. apparently it was due to close mid march but i think it its hanging about for a little while longer, which is good news for everyone. especially me, i've got my eyes on you philly cheese steak.


  1. Yum! Wish I had one of those burgers!


  2. FOOD PORN! I wonder if I can fit in a third visit before its gone, waaaa I want! x

  3. yes we can! the secret is to go for dinner around 8.30/9ish. it was so painless. its open til 16th of april now yay!x

  4. yesss lets make a meat date xxx