Tuesday, 27 March 2012

hiatus explained

SORRY ABOUT THAT. i got carried away with work/ looking for a new job/ going away and neglected to post anything, oops. SO a few things:

1) if you follow me on twitter (which you should, i tweet a lot) i hopped over the channel to spend a long weekend with my lovely french friend pauline. i had an amazing time & the weather was glorious, photos to follow when i get my film developed.

2) whilst sunbathing in parc des buttes chaumont (#smug) on sunday i finished reading patti smith's 'just kids' and i would highly recommend. such a beautifully told love story with all the real bits left in as well as an insight into patti smith's fascinating life.

3) a little off topic but next have a too-good-not-to-share collection of boots in their sale right now. all pairs shown below are between £20 and £35, you're welcome.


  1. Amazing shoes! Good to have you back Amy! X

  2. aw thanks! its good to be back x