Monday, 12 March 2012

let me see your victory roll

my hair is a complete boring mess all the time that i can barely do anything with, however (after watching a few youtube tutorials) i managed to attempt a 1940's victory roll. as you can see i still need a bit of practise, does anyone have any tips for pulling this off with short hair?


  1. Love your blog. I saw someone cut a bun ring and burn the ends so i didn't unravel. Then, they pinned the hair around that to do a victory roll at a burlesque show once.

    Not sure how much that helped, if it's even understandable! x

  2. amy! so pretty! I wanted to get simone to show me how to do this, she could give us a tutorial. please help me do this saturday!

  3. aw that's so sweet, thank you & thanks for the tip!

    i'll give it a go babe but i know simone would probably laugh at our attempt x

  4. Amy it looks awesome! X