Wednesday, 11 April 2012

another apology

sorry AGAIN for being a shit blogger, it's all paid off though I have a new job starting at the end of the month which I'm super stoked for. I've been going back & forth from London a lot recently but hopefully I'll be moving back very soon!

Anyway, last night I had the pleasure of attending an intimate Lana Del Rey set at the Jazz Cafe in Camden. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of hers but I was offered the ticket for free (cheers Kels) and after hearing mixed reviews wanted to check out what she like IRL. I was very surprised (I think a long with everyone else in the room) but she was actually really good live! Maybe her SNL performance was just a blip? Also, she looks a lot less freaky & plastic up close. Her set was only 35 minutes long and if I'd paid to see her I would have felt a bit ripped off and she could have interacted with the audience a lot more but ultimately, I was very impressed.

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