Thursday, 19 April 2012

peachy keen

I love lipstick and recently went on the hunt for a peach/apricot colour as an alternative to 'nude' to add to my growing collection. As I'm on a tight budget but didn't want to compromise on the perfect shade, this is what I came up with;

1. models own in 'coral' [£5.00] : the cheapest one I liked, it looks a bit more orange in real life than what I was looking for but still a lovely colour. Also there wasn't a tester for me to try..
2. GOSH cosmetics lipstick in 'mandarina' [£6.49] : this is the one I ultimately ended up buying and I would thoroughly recommend. Value for money in my opinion.
3. revlon matte lipstick in 'smoked peach' [£7.49] : I so almost bought this before I spotted the GOSH one, a lovely colour which is ever so slightly pinkier than mandarina and also has a bit of a sheen to it. Revlon lipstick's I find have really good staying power too.
4. topshop's 'charmed' from their Sisters of the New Moon Collection [£9.00] : This was the one I initially really wanted but at £9.00 I just couldn't let myself do it and so the hunt began. It looks less orange and less sheeny in real life; if I could afford it, I probably would.


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