Tuesday, 28 July 2009

love in the noughties, is paranoid.

sorry this is a bit of a word-y, carrie bradshaw -esque post. just warning you now so that if you're not interested in reading about that then you can stop now.

you know how girls are a little bit crazy? a lot of the time, as i like to think, girls keep this crazy locked up inside their heads and hide it from whoever they're dating/going out with. all girls have a certain amount, some more than others, and some choose to display their mental more publicly than others. its that bit in your head that thinks about him way more than he thinks about you, that gets jealous (that in normal girls annoys you a bit but in more mental girls drives them crazy), stuff like that.

i, as i have been assured by my good friend rob who i came up with "mental girl syndrome" (mgs) with, don't have that much crazy in me when it comes to boys and the amount i do have i keep quiet about and only ever reveal to certain individuals, mostly him, when i'm drunk. some girls openly discuss all their crazy feelings to other girls because they feel they understand, some girls hide away them away through embarassment.the more mental girls tend to try and discuss their crazy feelings to their beloved and get more crazy when that person doesn't seem to understand. boys just aren't made that way. or so i thought until recently, when i discovered that certain boys harbour their own mental. its not too dissimilar to that suffered by the female of the species. i must point out i don't have much experience with how crazy girls are, i like to think i make other girls feel embarassed about their obsessions and abnormal thoughts when it comes to men. most of what i know about how a girl's mgs manifests is through tales from rob's love life. some of them i must say make me truly ashamed to be a girl. he is an especially tolerant boy though and finds some girls' mentalaties quirky and bearable to withstand if there are more beneficial factors to the relationship (girls don't get ahead of yourselves this is VERY rare).

anyway during the past year i've come to discover that boys too can be a bit mental. it is rarer in boys but not as rare as i thought (or maybe i just attract that kinda boy?). its reassuring to know that boys suffer from it too but rather than girls who can get away with it because,y'know, they're a girl; if you're a mental boy then you tend just to labelled a creep. also, at least normal girls try to hide their mental these boys make no excuse for it. i would use examples of mental (creepy) boys but their the type of boy who would publicly just ask if this post was written about them so alas you'll never know who you are.

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