Monday, 13 July 2009

putting the 'hot' in 'mugshot'

i was gonna write this blog sunday but it was too much effort to engage my mind on the holy day of rest. admittedly, its the summer holidays and i'm an unemployed student and every day is a day of rest so that's not really an excuse except for maybe my brain being in a lazy mindset. who knows. well anyway, i spent way too long this website on saturday night that basically had a gallery of celebrities' mugshots and what they were arrested for. sounds kinda lame now but trust me if you're so bored you're reading my blog once i link you to it i bet you end up trowling through them all.

my favourites for comedy value were bill gates (pictured above, the funniest thing about his is the mugshot, his crime was your standard driving offence - yawn), marilyn manson and matthew mcconaughey with my absolute fave being woody harrelson of cheers fame.

there were some shockers in there too. for example i had no idea snoop dogg was a getaway driver for a murder in 1993 (he got away with it. o.j. simpson's lawyers worked their magic). the most shocking of all was tim allen (y'know, voice of buzz lightyear, tim "the toolman" taylor in home improvement and star of three 'the santa clause' films). no i'm not talking about his drunk driving charges in the 90s but the fact that he did 2 and a half years in PRISON for possession of 1.4 pounds of COCAINE in the late 70s. YES, BUZZ LIGHTYEAR'S DONE TIME. well done to him for managing to become a kids tv and film star afer that. i really really hope there were a lot of 'snow' and 'white christmas' jokes on the set of 'the santa clause'.

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  1. matthew mcconaughey's one made me laugh loads. i also love how he manages to turn on the cheesy charm even in his mugshot.