Friday, 24 July 2009

lovely lovato

i love demi lovato. not just because she's star of my guilty pleasure disney's "camp rock" (joe jonas ftw) but she's got a wicked sense of style. i'm currently spotifying her new album and it's not too shabby either. she likes norwegian black metal band dimmu borgir according to her wiki page, respect for that. the only thing i don't like is that she's only sixteen and i hate it when people younger than me are way more cooler and successful than i'll ever be. she recently broke up with boyfriend trace cyrus, she was totally wasted on him anyway. follow her on twitter @ddlovato. another little fact for you, she's the half sister of the actress who plays gabrielle's chubby daughter juanita in 'desperate housewives'.


  1. She was in the guardian yesterday. That Trace guy looked like a complete dickhead.

  2. was she? wow i'm so current. trace cyrus offends my eyes but i do like that "shake it" song metro station do.

  3. she's seventeen in august if that makes things any better. i paid way too much attention to her wiki page.