Friday, 10 July 2009

you'll never make me stay so take your weight off of me

the best thing to come out of michael jackson's untimely death is the amount of his songs now being played everywhere. i can't go to a club, switch the radio on in my car or watch the tv without his songs coming on. it's so good. it has brought me, however, to torture myself over which mj song is my all time favourite. i know it isn't compulsory to have a favourite but sitting on the fence is for pussies. at first, straight away i thought 'beat it' but after spending hours listening to michael jackson's back catalogue on spotify i decided it was 'man in the mirror'. i think subconsciously this was partly because on tv they kept showing a michael jackson montage with 'man in the mirror' playing along to it and i got a bit brainwashed. ANYWAY i changed my mind and now i've settled on 'dirty diana'. enjoy!

i couldn't sleep last night and spent ages trying to decide who i would bring back from the dead (if i could), michael jackson or heath ledger. i decided on heath, sorry michael and the jackson family. i hope this doesn't affect jermaine's choice to become my ethnic grandad because i think we'd have a great relationship together.


  1. Top 5

    1. Billie Jean
    2. Don't Stop Till You Get Enough
    3. Rock With You
    4. The Way You Make Me Feel
    5. Black or White (Club Sandwich CLASSIC)

  2. don't stop til you get enough is a whip it standard