Wednesday, 15 July 2009

summer romance

i'm all snuggled up wearing my favourite vintage (charity shop) jumper with my lovely cat and a cup of tea whilst the summer rain is pouring down outside (turns out the cat just wanted feeding and has since buggered off, aww). i'm kinda enjoying the summer rain we've been having broken up with spells of sunshine and its made me wish i was on a caravanning holiday. now, the cox family, with the except of papa cox are not very outdoors. saying that, even he would never entertain the idea of camping or caravanning. i hate camping. even, no scrap that, especially at festivals which, (apart from a school trip in year 8 to north wales, eww), is the only place i have ever camped. i think i'd be good at caravans though. admittedly, i have a very romanticised idea of caravanning holidays but i would only enjoy it if it was a romantic mini break in a quaintly decorated, preferably all in cath kidston, caravan OR in a stunning romany gypsy caravan. if you are a handsome man who would like to spend a week/weekend with me held up in a cosy caravan then let me know. i am also open to the idea of tipis and yurts but absolutely no tents.

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